I probably won’t get far enough to make any profit and that isn’t my goal.  For that reason, if you believe in my cause here you are encouraged to contribute.  Just email me.  Your bucks would be put to good use in this endeavor:

This blog exists to erase the stigma of bipolar disorder.

I will be writing here at least once a week but I welcome your post contributions.  Please email me if you want to guest blog here.  My only requirements are that your article erases the stigma of bipolar.  Don’t be shy, this cause needs your influence to erase the stigma.  I remain anonymous due to the stigma.  I encourage you to take an hour or so to create an anonymous email account and to maintain an anonymous identity here and elsewhere regarding your disorder.  If you are a professional, as I am, this is highly recommended.  You can call me Scott.  I look forward to getting to know you as we erase the stigma.



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